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Essential Oil - Extra Virgin Olive oil + Lavender oil



Pamper yourself and treat extra dry skin and lackluster hair with our soothing and sublimely nourishing Essential Oil.

100% organic
Details: 50 mL

Our instantly absorbing oil will

  • • Reduces dryness
  • • Reduces stretch marks
  • • Skin healing properties 

Here are some ways to use Essential Oil on your skin.


You can rub Essential Oil all over your body. Essential Oil can be used as a massage oil. It helps with dry skin and alleviates eczema. 

Eye-makeup remover

Eye makeup removers contain oil because the oil dissolves stubborn eye makeup and waterproof mascaras. Use a cotton pad soaked with our essential oil to remove eye makeup.

Olive oil Extra virgin, Cocoa butter, Lanolin, Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids derived from hemp seeds, Lavender oil, Vitamin E antioxidant.

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