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Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C Double Action Serum



Our Double Action Serum combines the power of Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C.Hyaluronic Acid creates a barrier for the skin, locking in moisture and improving texture while vitamin C protects from sun damage and can help fade skin discoloration. Both ingredients can help reduce the signs of aging in skin especially when they’re used together.


  • Moisturize skin
  • Decrease the appearance of wrinkles
  • Enhance skin firmness and elasticity
  • Repair and regenerate skin
  • Protect the skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays
  • Prevent premature skin aging by protecting the skin from oxidative stress
  • Boost collagen synthesis
  • Reduce skin pigmentation
  • Have an anti-inflammatory effect to help treat acne and rosacea
  • Exfoliate skin
  • Brighten dark spots

How To Use

In the morning, use dropper to place 4 to 5 drops of Double Action Serum in the palm of your cleansed hand. Use fingertips to apply to a clean, dry face avoiding the eye area.


Hyaluronic Acid 2 % and Vitamin C 10 %

Hyaluronic acid Sodium salt, Vitamin B3, Glycerin, Sodium Salt Vitamin C, Distilled Water, Methyl and Propyl Paraben preservative.

Suitable for all skin types.
Details: 30ML

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